Trends That Will Influence Corporate Events in 2021

The corporate event industry is rapidly evolving. As such, it’s time to learn how corporate events are expected to transform next year. For companies and event planners, it’s essential to understand the trends that will bring about dynamic changes to how events are hosted. For example, location is proving to be more and more important to corporate event planners. Will the location you have in mind be easy to get to via Jettly transportation? Overall, staying in step with event management changes help you plan and execute more successful events. Here are up and coming trends that are expected to influence corporate events this year:

Preference For Smaller Corporate Event Venues

Event attendees’ expectations have shifted. When they are back to attending live events, they will be looking for the event to offer something different or unusual. This is especially true when it comes to the event space. To create a memorable and enjoyable event, consider a unique or unexpected venue. The large event halls of the past may no longer be as relevant. Instead, smaller and more personable event spaces like ours will likely be in high demand.

Our advice is to choose an event location that is different from the ordinary, while still making your guests feel at home — like one of the spaces Vuka offers. Your venue can be in a part of town that offers excellent views and easy access to tourist attractions. Additionally, boost your event attendance by combining cultural immersion, access to diverse dining, and experiential travel.

Make Sustainability A Priority

Sustainability has now taken center stage, and is no longer just an afterthought. It is currently shaping future growth the world over and shouldn’t be considered a trend anymore, but rather, an ongoing priority. Sustainable practices such as recycling or avoiding plastic use are great examples of reducing an event’s carbon footprint.

Also, If your company supports a specific environmental cause, consider mentioning this at your event. Your attendees will appreciate learning about the mission-driven side of your organization. When planning your event, consider the food, travel, and power resource that will be needed.

How can you offset your program’s usage? One idea is to impose the recycling of materials used throughout your event. Additionally, consider holding your event in the daytime, using primarily natural light. This will lessen the use of electricity and make a huge impact.

Further, choosing a venue that’s conveniently located means your guests will use less fuel for travel. Virtual corporate events can also be considered as part of sustainability practice. If your clients or guests spread across different cities, a virtual meet would be very much accepted by everyone. However, to host a successful event, you might want to look into reliable Online Conference Software that can make the session interactive.

Embracing 5G Technology

The events industry has long embraced technology, as seen by the proliferation of event apps, website builders, registration software, and agenda tools. For 2020, the use of 5G technology will see a steady and dramatic rise. Ericsson foresees its use to increase by up to 1.5 billion subscribers by the year 2024.

5G has the upper hand over 4G LTE and older technologies. It is poised to pave the way for more significant changes in event management. The increased speed allows event apps and software to be more efficient and less expensive. Embracing this trend, companies that provide San Diego, Austin, Washington, and Boise IT support, not to mention all the other cities with a booming IT industry, might have to make rapid changes in their technology and adapt to the upcoming changes if they are to provide the necessary support for software and applications. More events will then see a rise in custom attendee experiences, aided by technology such as augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence.

The Use of Corporate Event Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been around for quite some time now. And although using it in events will be the trend, it won’t replace full reality. What it can do, though, is to enhance the experience. Offsite guests can have the pleasure of attending and participating in the event through VR viewing.

In many cases, guests aren’t able to attend a corporate event in person. When this happens, virtual reality can provide solutions that can boost offsite participation. So consider VR, or some form of livestream. This will enable you to have both in-person and virtual attendees. If the event requires you to sell tickets, you can set a separate tiered price for those attending digitally.

Customization for Your Corporate Events

Defining your target audience is essential in organizing extraordinary corporate events. If you understand the expectations of your attendees, you will be able to tailor every aspect of your event for them. It will result in a fulfilling event experience all around.

For example, your guests’ preferences can help dictate the menu, theme, and the speakers. Technology helps gather data and get a better grasp of your attendees’ profiles. Using this information can help you personalize the event and create a memorable experience for your guests. With potentially smaller groups attending, you will want to consider the needs of each valued guest. This will be imperative for successful events in 2021.

The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is slowly rising, as it compels companies to protect society and the environment. CSR also obliges brands to provide benefits through the championship of women’s rights, reducing poverty, or preserving nature, among many other things. For many companies, CSR is becoming a regular part of business activity. As such, leading companies may want to plan and execute events with CSR in mind.

You can show your company’s corporate responsibility by giving back to the community. For example, team up with charities or fundraising organizations for your next corporate function. Or, plan an event focusing on your employees’ safety, health, and well being. This demonstrates your company as partner in the community.

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