6 Steps to Plan an Awesome Birthday Party for Your Child

Your child’s birthday party is an excellent opportunity to have fun with family and friends. At any age, a birthday is a milestone in a child’s life, but planning a party can be tiring for a busy parent. It is always fun to come up with ideas, but the execution itself can be exhausting. This is especially true when it comes to creating a solid game plan.

To make the event fun and enjoyable from start to finish, here are six steps you can follow to plan an awesome birthday party for your child:

1. Set Up Your Child Birthday Budget

The first step to becoming organized in your party planning is setting up your budget. Make a list of priorities between you and your child, such as a customized cake, entertainers, and a unique event space. Budget setting helps you define the goals for the entire event.

Write down how much you’re willing to spend overall, and try to come up with an estimated amount for each item. You’ll then have an understanding of the options you have and the extras that you’ll be able to afford.

2. Get Your Child Involved

Kids are bundles of imagination. Therefore, talk to your child about what they envision for their party. This could include the theme, invite list, decorations, and other aspects of the event. Always be open and encourage them to make suggestions.

You might already have a birthday gifts idea or two that you’re looking at, but don’t forget to ask them what they would like to get as gifts, as that can be a huge part of a child’s happiness on their birthday! Most often kids will have something in mind, but if they don’t, then it’s up to you to decide. If they’re a video game or cartoon fan, then it’s likely that they’d enjoy some of their favorite video games (like a classic pokemon emerald rom on the PC for example) or special-edition cartoon DVDs or anything related to that, really!

If you want to go all-out, create an inspiration board online, or with magazine cutouts. Once they’ve made their decisions, you will have solid ideas for the cake, decorations, and the food.

To make the party more memorable, have your child participate in the preparations. Get them to seal the invitations or come up with games that their friends would enjoy. Involving your child will give them a sense of value and make the party more exciting for them.

3. Choose the Event Space for Your Child’s Birthday

Choosing the event venue can be tricky. Many people rent an event space with limitations, and then try to make all the activities work. If you have a specific vision for your party, this shouldn’t be the case. Start with an event venue that can accommodate your preferred themes, decorations, and target date and time. Not all event venues offer daytime booking, and since children’s parties are usually held during the day, this is a crucial factor you need to consider.

Also, choose a venue that has an approved list of caterers. This way, you can create your menu easily, and put your event in the hands of trusted professionals. To make the event stand out, limit your search to venues that have photo-perfect views. And for a more cozy event, choose a venue that offers privacy and amenities that make the experience comfortable for your guests.

4. Create the Guest List for your Child’s Birthday

Build a list of the guests you want to invite, which you may want to refine or narrow down. If your child is over four years of age, ask for their input in this process. Include information such as how to RSVP, a map of the location, and specific details about the theme. This is also a great time to ask the parents for any allergies or dietary restrictions that their children may have.

You can now buy or create the invitations and send them. Make sure that you’re giving your guests enough time to prepare for your party. Allow at least three weeks before the birthday party to share the date and details. During busy times of year, such as summer and holiday season, you may want to provide even more advance notice.

5. Plan The Child Birthday Menu

If you’re stumped on what to serve for your child’s birthday party, we highly recommend bringing on a catering team. This company will have a better understanding of crafting a menu that both adults and children will enjoy. You can always share your preferences, and have them design a menu to match. Keep in mind the dietary requirements, if any, you gathered from the parents when you sent the invites.

Once you’ve settled on the food, order the birthday cake. After all, what’s a birthday party without one? Knowing your guest count and party theme will enable you to find a cake quickly. Engage the services of a local bakery, or ask your catering team if they also have dessert options. Don’t forget the candles, which are often procured as a last minute run to the store!

6. Plan the Games and Decorations

Make the party interactive and fun with games and activities that every guest will enjoy. For example, set up games such as scavenger hunts, movie watching, or playing dress-up with a photo booth. You may also want to hire jugglers or clowns to entertain everyone. Watching a movie is probably one of the most popular forms of entertainment for children at a birthday party. This occupies the children, allowing you to get their next entertainment sorted. When watching movies, it’s wise to use something like Netflix for a bigger selection of movies. You’ll need good internet to watch the movie without any interruptions or buffering, so it might be worth looking at infinity dish to see if some of their internet packages would be useful if you’re watching the movie at home.

Decorate the event venue to match the theme your child has chosen for their party. Add streamers, confetti, and of course, balloons. Some parents might also want to consider decorating the walls with neon signs too. They can be customized at www.neonfilter.com, so you can get a birthday message created for your child. Neon lights can add some fun colors into the room too, so it would be perfect for a party. Create finishing touches such as goodie bags or party favors for your guests to take with them. These can go far beyond the typical candy bag with a pencil eraser. Use your imagination!

Already in the Party Mood?

Now that you’ve created an excellent party plan for your child’s birthday, make sure to book the venue. Located in downtown San Diego, The Skybox is the ultimate choice in venue locations. It boasts breathtaking views of the San Diego skyline as well as direct glimpses into Petco Park where the Padres play. Our private room offers exclusivity and a cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for your child’s birthday party, whether day or night. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with a unique birthday party experience.

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