10 Trends for Corporate Events in 2020

Live events continue to be effective form of marketing for companies. This is why businesses pay attention to corporate event trends in their strategies. More and more brands are investing in planning an event to drive profit and growth.

For this reason, marketers and planners need to stay current. We will help you to keep up with the latest trends in event management. Let’s look at what’s in store for event planning in 2020. Here are 10 corporate event trends that will help you get ahead of the competition.

1. Mixing Business with Leisure

Event attendance is a big part of an event’s success. For example, the world has seen the rise of “bleisure.” This term refers to the combinination of business travel with leisure time. In fact, a recent study shows that 78% of attendees consider the destination as an essential factor. So, create an event that provides a balance between work and leisure. This will be enticing to your attendees. Look for a venue that has excellent views, or a hotel with tourist attraction accessibility. This will give people incentive to attend your event. Make sure to decorate the venue with things that both sell your business and interest the attendees. For example, maybe fly a flag near to your venue with your company title on it (using the appropriate flagpole hardware), or serve personalised cupcakes to your guests. Every little detail will help towards getting more people to attend.

2. Rising Demands for Corporate Events

Research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase products promoted in events. This increases the demand for corporate events, company parties, and meetings. As a result, budgets for events have grown over time. Consequently, the industry is predicted to see an increase in event booking in 2020. Remember this when planning your event space, content, and activities. This way, you can support your event goals early in the planning stage.

3. Aim for Active Engagement

In the past, events were comprised of attendees listening to speaker after speaker. Nowadays, people are encouraged to engage and participate. The photographer brief has even changed and photographers are being asked to focus less on the speaker or formality of the event and more on the fun the attendees are having. People aren’t wanting to see the usual photos that come from events and are looking to change things up. More so, they want attendees to be an active part of the event itself. For event planners, this means putting more effort to understand your attendees.

In 2020, one of the top drivers of event attendance is education. Participants prefer events where they can take away knowledge. There’s no better way to learn than through active event participation. So, keep this corporate event trend in mind when planning your own event schedule.

4. Trends In Corporate Event Security and Safety

These days, security and safety at events are a priority for obvious reasons. However, enforcing your security policy requires the right balance to make people feel safe. For example, it’s a good idea to look for an event venue that has privacy. This way, you won’t be sharing the space with other events. As a safety precaution, consider hiring plain-clothes security personnel. Or, place maps around the venue that clearly mark the fire exits.

5. Unique Event Venues

2020 is already showing a significant shift in the choice of event venues. Event planners are steering away from hotels and top-tier cities such as NYC or LA. Mid-sized cities (think San Diego or Minneapolis) are taking front seat instead. This is because of the many options available for event planning in these metropolitan areas. Also, event attendees love the ease of transportation, emerging economies, and cultural authenticity.

6. Corporate Event Trends In Food and Beverages

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants have seen a boost in their numbers, and so have supermarkets that offer diet-freindly aternatives. Event planners should take note of this trend. Additionally, creating events that cater to people who want a plant-based diet, Halal, and other food options promotes inclusivity. Dieting and healthy eating are on the lips (literally) of those in the nutrition business, including people like dr amy lee who support their clients’ weight management and optimal health – these are things reflected in the food and beverage industry as people look for ways to adjust what they consume to lessen their cravings. Events should therefore provide healthy alternatives with low-fat contents. If event planners are still not sure about which foods would be best, there is the dr gundry diet list they can refer to for help in this area.

7. Focus on Inclusion and Diversity

It’s been proven that inclusion and diversity are essential to success, no matter which business you’re in. So for 2020, be sure to be mindful of your entire audience when planning an event. It’s not just about race, ethnicity, or age. Go beyond just superficial attributes and consider physical abilities, language, and as mentioned above, food choices.

8. The Use of Technology to Improve Experience

The use of Wi-Fi, interactive maps, and apps are popular and will continue to be so in the coming year. The download and use of apps alone is reason enough to use technology in event management. Technology plays a major role in our lives, including the ways in which to organize a corporate event. It improves not just the planning, but it helps with bringing a good experience to the attendees as well.

9. Data-Driven Corporate Events

Historically, event planners had minimal information regarding the effectiveness of their events. Beyond the attendance list of registered names, phone numbers, or addresses, there was little insight to go off of. Today, however, planners have access to valuable information through the use of marketing software. These specialized programs help to track the results of each event. Along with attendance numbers, you’ll have attendee feedback, lead generation, sales, and even predictive revenues. This will help you to prove out your event ROI, and make for a stronger corporate event strategy.

10. Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Taking care of our environment is a must and shouldn’t just be a trend. Sustainability provides so many benefits for businesses, and event planning is no exception. It should be everyone’s concern to recycle, minimizing single-use plastics, and to make other efforts to reduce carbon footprints. Event planners and venues should strive to be more forward-thinking in being sustainable. This way, they can pass on the knowledge to the attendees

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