The Essential Guide to Finding a Venue for Your Conference

Searching for the ideal conference venue to hold your corporate events or conferences can be demanding. Studies show that environment can affect the mood and behavior of people. Therefore, the venue choice is extremely crucial. Research has also proven that the right venue can elicit higher attendance rates. It can result in an overall excellent attendee experience.

Conferences usually are company-specific marketing events that gather attendees for the purpose of delivering information, such as a user summit. These events are typically larger in scale and are hosted by businesses for training or educational purposes. The variety of venue options available can be overwhelming, making event planning difficult. As a result, rather than attempting to organize everything on your own, you could hire a marketing merchandise company to find a suitable venue for you to carry out such brand awareness campaigns. Apart from organizing such promotional campaigns, these businesses can also present and promote the goods of the businesses that might be available for purchase for both wholesale and retail sales.

However, if you plan to organize it on your own, here is our essential guide to finding the right venue for your conferences and corporate events:

Determine Your Purpose

First, it is important to understand what your conference is all about. This will help you to identify the true purpose behind it. For example, in the early stages, your conference could go in many directions. It could be a meeting, seminar, workshop, or a convention. Knowing the conference objectives will help guide all of your future decisions. Of course, it will also dictate the type of venue that you will need. To get the ball rolling, schedule a brainstorming session with your team. This way, they can add valuable input in the early stages. If it’s a rewards & recognition program you have in mind for your employees, then consider taking them to a destination venue where everyone can also have a fun time and unwind. Take help from a london dmc company to help you with destinations and planning.

Your Target Audience

Establishing your target audience is an essential factor in your search for the most suitable conference venue. Knowing your market well can help you in your selection process. The venue you choose should reflect the image of your company. It should also suit the tastes and expectations of your attendees. Having awareness of your target market will help guide you in determining which venue to select. You should also make sure to consider guests’ access needs – you’ll want to find a venue that has everything from top-of-the-line equipment when it comes to their elevators to ramps and other disability aids, should your guests require these.

Your Agenda

Meetings and conferences without an agenda can lead to confusion. Therefore, creating a program can help you organize your conference. It will enable you to better meet your event goals and objectives. For example, will your conference need rooms for one-on-one sessions? Will you be holding the event in the daytime? An agenda will keep the event planning running smoothly. This includes every from scheduling the speakers to securing the most fitting location for the event.

Find the Ideal Conference Venue Location

One of the top factors that influence attendance at conferences is the location. Your attendees’ primary consideration will be the ease and convenience of the event venue. For out of town guests, they will also be factoring in travel costs, lodging availability, and accessibility to restaurants, bars, or tourist attractions.

Unfortunately, not all cities are well-prepared to host conferences and corporate events. However, other cities are built for them, as you’ll see in this list of the top cities for conferences released in 2017. Cities like San Diego, Houston, and Phoenix topped the list. These are the cities that offer all the conveniences required for a special event. Factors such as distance from the airport, the number of hotels, and the low violence and crime rate are the top criteria. If you find a great venue in an area you wouldn’t have initially considered that may not be as visible, you can ask the venue if they have such services akin to Verisure Alarm Systems installed for security protection, if not, you may want to ask them how much it would be to have it equipped as it can make people feel more at ease knowing that the venue they are at is covered.

Scope Out Venue Styles

Conference venues aren’t created equal. Therefore, finding a unique venue can add immediate value to your conference. It can increase attendance as well. The ideal venue is one that offers you flexibility in decor, opportunities for branding, privacy, and security, among many others. Will the venue match the high standards of your company? Do they have a setup for your event’s A/V and connectivity needs? Do they help with services such as event planning, catering, or additional staffing?

Consider a Conference Venue’s Reputation

Another critical factor to consider is the venue’s reputation. Is it well regarded for high-profile corporate events? If so, finding a trustworthy conference venue can make all the difference. It can turn a run-of-the-mill event into excellent and memorable one. To determine a venue’s reputation value, ask them these questions:

Do they have testimonials or reviews?

How flexible are they in service options?

Can they show you photos or videos from past events?

Also, try to get a sense of how the venue manages their facilities and their staff. How did they answer your questions? Did you feel like a VIP or just another prospect?

Check the Amenities

Would you like final assurance before booking? If so, schedule an onsite visit. This way, you can see specific details for yourself that photos couldn’t show you. Is there ample parking? Is the surrounding area fun and transportation friendly? Are there enough bathrooms? These questions and more will help you to finalize your choice. Ask the venue about catering vendors and whether there is an approved list. Also, check for options around the projection screens or sound systems that you’ll be needing.

Ready to Book The Venue?

Finding a space that meets all of your expectations can be daunting. However, there is a sophisticated place to hold after-conference parties, social meet and greets, awards banquets, and more. Look no further than The Skybox. Our event venue is situated in the heart of San Diego, on the 15th floor of DiamondView Tower. You’ll be amazed at the breathtaking views of the city. And of course, Petco Park view will be the highlight of any event.

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