8 Questions to Ask Your Event Venue Before Signing

Choosing an event venue can be an intimidating responsibility, one that will need thoughtful planning. So when you finally find one that fits all your needs, you might feel pressured to sign the contract right away. But paying close attention to details when planning an event means getting even the smallest things done right.

Before signing on the dotted line, you may want to consider asking your event venue these essential questions:


Is the place available at my desired date and time?

Find out if the venue you’re eyeing is flexible with their availability. For example, unlike ours, some sites don’t offer daytime services. That said, ask them about this so you can have the option of choosing the time of your event.


  • How easy is it to get around the venue?
  • Is public transportation available?
  • Is it located near hotels and other options for accommodations?

Accessibility is one of the factors that affect the number of attendees. Knowing the details about transportation is crucial, especially if you have guests that will come from out-of-town.

Your Goals and Objectives

  • Can the venue accommodate our requirements?
  • Can it be adjusted to make it look the way we want to?
  • What branding opportunities are available in and out of the premises?

Before you plan an event, we recommend that you make your goals and objectives clear so that you’ll know what to ask your potential venue.

Your Budget

  • What are the policies on booking?
  • Which amenities are included?
  • What about the venue deposit?

To keep your event budget in check, ask the venue about all the possible costs. It would help if you also consider asking questions about cancellation policies, curfews, and insurance policies. Doing this will help you fully understand what the whole package entails. Some events, such as live music concerts, can get pretty expensive, so it’s a good idea to also do a cost breakdown so that you can keep track of spending – learn more here about how to do this.

Food and Drinks

  • Is there an on-site kitchen?
  • Is there equipment such as refrigerators or food warmers?
  • Are there staff members who are authorized to serve liquor?

Some event venues in San Diego require that you use their in-house caterer or their approved vendors. This is highly advisable as their staff already has the experience working on the site, and knows their way around. If your event has special dietary requirements, ask the venue if the caterer can fulfill that need.

Food and drinks are essential elements of an event. Even if people don’t remember the lighting and sound long after the event, they will remember good food. Therefore, thoughtful menu selection can add a welcoming and warm feeling to your event. Ask the venue if they provide catering service or if they have a list of vendors you can choose from.

AV and Technology

  • What is the venue’s setup for acoustics and lighting?
  • Will you be charging extra if I bring my own equipment and technicians?
  • Does your event space have the capabilities for live streaming?
  • Are there available microphones, lecterns, or cameras?

Almost all events will require a good sound system. Because of this, it’s essential that you have a clear understanding of your setup requirements to be better prepared for your event. Similarly, lighting fixtures are another crucial requirement of any event hosted indoors. The fixtures can be for aesthetic purposes as well, like chandelier and drum pendant light, which are incorporated to create a poignant atmosphere. Other fittings may include spotlight, path lights, wall lamps, hanging lights, etc. The right combination of various lightings can enhance the ambiance of an event venue.

In addition, you may want to inquire about having Wi-Fi connectivity at your event. Most attendees nowadays will expect the venue to have stable internet connections. If they do have wi-fi readily available, ask about costs and any restrictions there may.


  • Are there parking spaces available, if so, how many spots?
  • Are there valet services available?
  • How many restrooms are there?
  • Do you have generators available if you need power backup? (If not, check for generators online.)
  • Can you provide a copy of the floor plan?
  • What are the views like?
  • Do you have security services?
  • How about furniture such as tables or lounge seats?

Making an event memorable is every event planner’s primary objective. Asking these questions can lead to a noteworthy event and provide a good experience for your attendees. After all, attendee experience matters. You will also need to check if they have insurance for services such as the valet, the venue should consider getting a quote so they are covered in any eventuality that something could go wrong. This venue and the attendees need to have the peace of mind that the car is secure and looked after.


Will there be other events taking place at the same time?

Knowing if you’ll be sharing the space with other events is crucial to the success of yours. Will the venue get loud? Will your guests be confused about which event is yours? Knowing whether you have the space to yourself beforehand is always a good idea.

Final Thoughts

A venue that stands above the rest will have answers to all of the above questions, and more. When you have found the right venue, the event team should put you at ease, knowing that you are in highly capable hands. For example, our Skybox is an event venue right in the heart of downtown San Diego. We offer a breathtaking view of the city skyline. And, our award-winning event planning team can help you plan your event-whether corporate, wedding, rehearsals and private functions.

Our venue is on the fifteenth floor of a very sleek and modern high-rise building. If you’re looking to host an event that’s not overly formal, yet sophisticated, this is the venue for you. Reach out to us to learn more, and to begin talking about turning your event into a highly memorable occasion.

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