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That way, you can select the option in the Customer, Vendor, or Employee column for each name you want to import to designate whether it’s a customer, vendor, or employee. You can also select a cell with info in it to edit the info within it. Is ideal if you bill by the hour or pay people based on the number of hours they work. In that case, select Yes on this screen to track the hours people work and create invoices for their time. Chapter 8 explains how to set up time tracking. QuickBooks Pro doesn’t include sales orders.

Then click on the diamond again, drag it to the right, and release the mouse button. You don’t like how a form looks when you print it. How can you change it? Export the form to Word and edit it there.

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The taskbar is to reach, because program windows don’t hide it the way they do desktop shortcuts. You can rename desktop icons, as was done here. To do that, right-click the icon, and then, on the shortcut menu, choose Rename. Type the label you want to use, and then press Enter.

1) Turn on payroll through preferences; and 2) complete the Payroll Setup Interview. 1) Complete the Payroll Setup Interview; and 2) set up employees. What happens to the inventory asset account when you enter a purchase order for inventory? The inventory asset account increases. The inventory asset account decreases. The inventory asset account is not affected.

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What does QuickBooks save when memorizing a report? Report header, filters, and transactions b. Transactions only c. Report header, filters, and columns but not the actual transactions d. Everything.

Quickbooks EasyStep Interview

Fiscal year. (Intuit releases new versions of QuickBooks in October or November each year for just that reason.) But waiting isn’t always feasible. In cases like that, go with the next option in this list. Double-click the desktop shortcut that QuickBooks created during installation.

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We do not have any additional accounts in our sample company but if you do, you can continue to enter the accounts and the opening balances here. When done, click “Next” to continue. Select your industry… QuickBooks has already started creating your company data file. Behind the scenes, it is selecting the screens you will need to run your business efficiently.

Customizing Your Company File

Other products that Intuit would like to sell you appear at the bottom of the window. When you see Hooray! In the Update Your Company File dialog box, click Done to open the updated file in QuickBooks. Keep in mind that this process could take a while if your company file is large. If you’ve used a previous version of QuickBooks, your company file is set up to work with that version. When you upgrade to QuickBooks 2016, the program has to make some changes to your company file.


(QuickBooks also uses the name you type here to name your company file.) Later on, you can specify your company’s legal name . Keeping books requires accuracy, attention to detail, and persistence—hence the customary image of spectacled accountants scanning row after row of numbers. QuickBooks can help you keep your books without ruining your eyesight—as long as you start your company file with good information. If you want to practice with QuickBooks, you can experiment with a sample file, as the box below explains.

See Comparing Estimates to Actuals to learn why you might use this feature. Screen, choose Yes or No to turn the estimate feature on or off. If you prepare quotes, bids, or estimates for your customers and want to do so in QuickBooks , select Yes.

You’ll want to follow the step provided by @Tori B on this thread. In the what is xero erp & how much does it cost, only __________ accounts have opening balances. The EasyStep Interview allows you to have QuickBooks generate a chart of accounts. If you setup a company using the EasyStep Interview, you will enter the company name, address, and Tax ID number as part of the Interview. You must use the EasyStep Interview to add customers and vendors. Uncategorized Income and uncategorized expense.

How do you track sick or vacation time in QuickBooks? When you set up an employee, define how QuickBooks should accrue time. Set up a sick or vacation wage item. Pay an employee with a sick or vacation wage item. Your computer crashed. You reloaded QuickBooks, and now you are ready to open the company file.

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Or if you’re a consultant, you could send invoices for work performed and then send a statement that summarizes the fees, payments, and outstanding balance. Is the world’s most used accounting software. Business owners and managers can quickly select or change their type of business, customize their chart of accounts, and create a hub through which outside accounts can connect.

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The company data file on your hard drive is damaged and cannot be used. You can download and install the Enterprise version so you can select the Express setup. Before proceeding, you may consider checking the minimum requirements needed to run the software. The screenshot with the Express Start setup provided by my colleague @AlexV is offered in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. That’s why you’re unable to select this option in QBDT Pro.

Chapter 1. Creating a Company File

QuickBooks minimizes the report on the Home Page. QuickBooks only shows data for the current month. QuickBooks hides Subaccounts and only shows Parent accounts. QuickBooks displays the report smaller so you can see other things on your screen. Use an expense account to ensure that late fees/penalties don’t affect the actual taxes you are paying.

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Removes all payroll transactions that occurred on that date. This is a great way to fix the mistakes a new person made on a particular day. Removes all transactions while leaving lists, preferences, and service subscriptions intact.

When choosing a date, you should consider the amount of time it will take to “catch up” on the data entry as well as the rewards that you will reap from doing the extra work. Either way, if you are not fully committed to getting everything entered, then you should choose a date that will require less data entry. Since we are still early in 2010, our sample company is going to track data from January 1, 2010 forward. Click “Next” to continue.


This tab tracks an employee’s age and gender necessary for tax calculations. What are other benefits of using items? You can track the actual quantity of goods or services you sell . They can save you time by automatically entering a description and price on forms.

QuickBooks adds new list entries to the top of the list, regardless of alphabetic order d. QuickBooks asks you how to sort new list entries. Once you’re through, try the steps provided by my colleague in creating a new company file.

So to prevent work disruptions, plan to upgrade all copies of QuickBooks and the company file during downtime. In the “Set Number of Previous Companies” dialog box, type the maximum number of companies you want to see on the submenu, and then click OK. QuickBooks opens the company file, and you’re ready to keep the books. When you click Next, you see a bright orange—but premature—“Congratulations!